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To get early access and download the Jitai app, you need to join our Research Programme to improve support for people looking to change their relationship with alcohol.

By using our app every day and sharing your feedback, you will be part of co-creating new knowledge to drive much more personalised solutions to support people to live healthier, happier and longer.

Participants get early access to new features and join our community of people passionate about helping people. Research activities might include zoom interviews with our team, surveys, group discussions and app app surveys.

of users say Jitai helped them
quit or cut down drinking

“I haven't managed to stop drinking for two weeks before! I am so thankful to this app, it really seems to be working for me. It is holding me accountable and helping in those tricky moments.”

Participant, pilot study

App Store review

“I made the decision to quit alcohol so many times before and relapsed into binge drinking. I feel, with JITAI, that someone is holding my hand while guiding me through the process. But, that I am ultimately in control.”

Participant, pilot study

App Store review

“It’s a great platform - it really has helped me being more mindful in my drinking as opposed to cutting the ties completely.”

Participant, pilot study

App Store review

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