Your support buddy and life companion to monitor your drinking

By providing data and insights, bitesize cognitive behavioural therapy support and personalised interventions at the moment of need, Alma will make changing how much you drink much easier.

Check how your mood affects your cravings

When integrated with your smart watch, you can monitor your mood and measure your mood each day

Check your daily progress

Take a pledge to stick to your plan and review your progress daily

Get reminders that motivates you

Receive daily reminders to help you refocus your time, thoughts, and energy on improving the quality of your life

Get access to a wide range of toolkit

Access a toolkit of evidence based strategies to prevent choices you’ve identified as unhealthy.

Monitor your daily activity

Set a weekly target and see a daily goal based on that target. You can set the target not only for the steps, but also the distance or the calories burned.

Get health predictions

Machine learning recognises when you are most at risk of lapsing and offers support to prevent relapse.

Realtime health monitoring

Identify patterns and warning signs in your health events.

Personalised interventions

Access to psychological interventions through a friendly and empathetic AI chat.