About us

Hello. We’re Jitai, a health technology company with a difference.

We support healthy behaviour change with products which have patients and clinician experience at their core.

We're creating a better model of healthcare

We believe health tech innovators have a greater duty than most others to put patient joy at the heart of their products.

There's no more vital application of technology's ability to enable behaviour change than in the realm of preventative health, so we are harnessing our experience in psychiatry, machine learning and engaging product development to reimagine healthcare as something to be enjoyed, not endured.

Standing on the shoulders of the giants

We are working with experts across medicine, academia and technology to test our hypotheses, guide our product development with patients and clinicians at its heart and launch our academic studies.

We are working with the Hill Oxford University Hopsital NHS Market Accelerator which brings digital technology and new innovations to the NHS.

We are working to run our first user acceptability study with the University of Sussex

We are supported by Cambridge Judge Business School Accelerator to evolve our business with the help of their mentors

How do we make healthcare accessible and affordable?

To make healthcare more affordable, we use AI and machine learning to help people engage with their care at every step of the healthcare continuum.

And we aim to do this by flipping the model from reactive sick care to preventative healthcare. That's why we are pioneering the development of predictive models to anticipate negative health outcomes before they occur.

We're a unique team of doctors, specialists, scientists and engineers

By bringing together doctors, nurses, and specialists with engineering expertise, we've created a home for brilliant innovators, ambitious creators and fast builders.

How do we use AI and Machine learning in healthcare?

We believe technology can transform healthcare for the better. That’s why we've developed a set of cutting-edge AI technologies. They can help our patients and providers gain advanced insights and make more informed decisions.

Meet the executive team

Jo Barrow

Jo is a former journalist turned senior commercial and marketing strategist, with seven years experience in building high growth start-ups as an early employee.

David McLaughlan

David is a consultant psychiatrist with over a decade of experience working in the mental health and addiction space for both the NHS and independent sector.

Essam Nabil

Essam is a tech entrepreneur with over 8 years of experience in software development and technical leadership.

Advisory Board

Dr Ornah Levine

NED - Former VP of Otsuka, Teva

Dr Emma Warnock

Senior fellow at University of Oxford & King’s college

Dr Romayne GadelRab

Co-chair of Royal College of Psychiatrists

Dr Salman Razzaki

Former Product Lead at Babylon Health

Dr David Veale

Professor at King’s College

Dr Ahmed Hankir

Senior Fellow & Visiting Professor, Psychiatrist and Public Speaker

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